Commercial and real estate appraisals

  • Appraisals of Urban and Rural Property

  • Shopping Centers and Shops

  • Apartments and Condominiums

  • Industrial Plant

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Construction Job Site Progress Inspections and Appraisals

  • Residential Projects and Shopping Centers

  • Urbanizations, Road and Engineering Projects

  • Project Analysis and Feasibility Studies

  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis of Civil Works in General

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Appraisals of Aeronautic, Maritime and Rolling Stock Equipment

  • Motor Vessels, Barges, Yachts and Pleasure Boats

  • Marine and Fishing Systems and Equipment

  • Aircraft, Helicopters and Air Navigation Equipment

  • Cars, Collective Transportation Vehicles and Armored Cars

  • Appraisals of Marine Spare Parts and Parts

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Appraisals of Computer and Electronic Equipment

  • Computer Systems

  • Transmission Equipment

  • Radio Broadcasting Equipment

  • Telecommunications Equipment

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Industrial Appraisals

  • Production Machinery and Equipment

  • Printing Equipment

  • Production Line Appraisals

  • Processing Plant Appraisals

  • Inventory Control Systems

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Appraisals of Agriculture Equipment

  • Earth Moving and Construction Equipment Fleets

  • Light and Heavy Equipment

  • Tillage and Production Rolling Stock

  • Food Processing Equipment

  • Agri-Business, Operating or in Liquidation

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